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How is gout diagnosed?

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Gout is suspected when a patient reports a history of attacks of painful arthritis, particularly at the base of the toes. Ankles and knees are the next most commonly involved joints in gout. Usually, gout attacks one joint at a time.

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The most reliable test for gout is finding uric acid crystals in a sample of the joint fluid obtained by joint aspiration (arthrocentesis). Arthrocentesis is a common office procedure performed under local anesthesia. Using sterile technique, fluid is taken from the inflamed joint using a syringe and needle. The joint fluid is then analyzed for uric acid crystals and for infection. Shiny, needle-like uric acid crystals are best viewed with a special polarizing microscope. The diagnosis of gout can also be made by finding these urate crystals from material aspirated from tophi nodules and bursitis fluid. Although many doctors can do the procedure, rheumatologists are specialists who are particularly trained in this evaluation.

X-rays can sometimes be helpful and may show tophi-crystal deposits and bone damage as a result of repeated bouts of inflammation. X-rays can also be helpful for monitoring the effects of chronic gout on the joints.zcash cloud mining

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