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Purine foods -what are they and how do they impact my gout?

best free online grammar checkerWhen your body breaks down purines it can create uric acid. And as we know from our other articles, it’s the uric acid buildup that causes your gout.

So what is purine?

Unfortunately it’s a technical answer, but here you go:

A purine is a heterocyclic aromatic organic compound, consisting of a pyrimidine ring fused to an imidazole ring. Purines,

including substituted purines and their tautomers, are the most widely distributed kind of nitrogen-containing heterocycle in nature.

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Purines and pyrimidines make up the two groups of nitrogenous bases, including the two groups of nucleotide bases. Two of the fourdeoxyribonucleotides and two of the four ribonucleotides, the respective building-blocks of DNA and RNA, are purines.

The most important thing to remember here isn’t what a purine is, though to remember that it’s foods high in purines that are possibly causing your gout.

What to buy at the grocery store

What do you want to buy at the grocery store? The Washington University’s view is as follows:

  • Obesity can be linked to high uric acid levels in the blood. People who are overweight should consult with their doctor to decide on a reasonable weight-loss program. Fasting or severe dieting can actually raise uric acid levels and cause gout to worsen.
  • Usually people can eat what they like within limits. People who have kidney stones due to uric acid may need to actually eliminate purine-rich foods from their diet because those foods can raise their uric acid level.
  • Consuming coffee and tea is not a problem, but alcohol can raise uric acid levels and provoke an episode of gout. Drinking at least 10 to 12 eight-ounce glasses of non-alcoholic fluids every day is recommended, especially for people with kidney stones, to help flush the uric acid crystals from the body.

Foods that are higher in purines

Johns Hopkins lists the following foods as being higher in purines:

  • hearts
  • herring
  • mussels
  • yeast
  • smelt
  • sardines
  • sweetbreads

Foods moderately high in purines

  • anchovies
  • grouse
  • mutton
  • veal
  • bacon
  • liver
  • salmon
  • turkey
  • kidneys
  • partridge
  • trout
  • goose
  • haddock
  • pheasant
  • scallops

So it’s best to try and minimise your consumption of the foods mentioned above, or at least take a natural product to keep your uric acid levels low (Have a look at our Gout Natural Treatment Comparison for assistance choosing a product).

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